Katies Plates Delivers Healthy Meals to Customers Homes

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Katie Strickland’s goal is her own show on the Food Network. She also wouldn’t mind owning a restaurant – maybe two.

“I’d like to have one restaurant with healthy food and another where I can go all out with no limitations,” she said.

Those may be lofty ambitions. But Strickland already owns her own thriving food business. And she’s only 24 years old.

With Katies Plates, the Oak Mountain High School graduate offers healthy, home-cooked meals delivered in a range that includes much of the Over the Mountain area. Prospective customers can visit her website and sign up to have lunches and dinners brought to their homes Monday-Friday.

Her company has grown since she started it, mostly for family and friends in the beginning, in January 2014, she said.

“This past November, I had to quit my job at Iron Tribe and take on my business full-time,” she said. “I just jumped into it. I feel very lucky.”

She’s also hired a driver to help her with deliveries, she said.

Operating on the belief that many families want to eat healthy but just don’t have time to do so, Strickland started Katies Plates.

“You can get meals for singles, which kind of sets me apart, for couples, or for families – three to five servings or six to nine servings,” Strickland said. “I do lunches, dinners, snacks and drinks. I also have a weekly dessert and a breakfast, usually a quiche.”

Healthy eating doesn’t mean boring eating to Strickland. She loves tweaking recipes and making them full of flavor as well as nutritious, she said.

“I don’t cook just plain old chicken breasts with broccoli,” she said. “I do things like a chicken Parmesan that’s breaded with almond flour and served over spaghetti squash.”

Other recent offerings included maple-walnut crusted salmon, turkey Bolognese over zucchini noodles and strawberry-balsamic pork tenderloin.

Strickland’s success with Katies Plates hasn’t come without demands. She works almost every day, she said, beginning to cook at noon in the kitchen at her Southside home. Her work isn’t over until at night after deliveries are made.

In addition to operating Katies Plates, she writes paleo breakfast and lunch menus for eMeals.

“That gets my creative juices flowing,” she said.

She’s working toward a storefront, too, she said.

“There are days when I think, I’m not going to be able to get all this food out,” Strickland said. “But I do. And I love what I’m doing.”

For more information, visit www.katiesplates.com or follow the company on Facebook and Instagram.

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