Greek entrepreneur finds niche in specialty food farming…

Posted August 20, 2014 11:11 pm by Comments

35 year-old entrepreneur Sotiris Lymperopoulos has found a viable business niche in Greece’s post-crisis economy.


While Lymperopoulos was visiting in his father’s ancestral home of Raches, he saw that the produce everyone ate there was far better tasting than the produce at even the best restaurants in Athens.


That’s when he got an idea. He thought, why don’t I take this good food and sell it in Athens to people who will pay a higher price for it?”


So, just before Greece’s economic crisis he left Athens for Raches to become an entrepreneur.


After setting up a business there to supply produce he contacted chefs in better restaurants in Athens offering them fresh wild sea greens.


It wasn’t long before orders for his sea greens were rolling in and he quickly diversified into other products.


Soon, Lymperopoulos was cultivating carrots, beans and watermelons as well and enjoying a strong demand for them also…



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