Natural Disasters Mean Booming Business For Some Entrepreneurs

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By Stephen Bush | 11/06/2012 | Entrepreneur


When Hurricane Sandy struck the coastal areas of the Northeastern United States it left in its wake thousands of tons of natural and man-made debris scattered over a very large area. All of it requiring an enormous amount of cleanup. There were also thousands of homes and businesses damaged with all of them as well requiring repairs or assistance of one kind or another.


All of those unfortunate situations represented consumer needs and demands that private citizens and small business entrepreneurs could most effectively and efficiently meet.


Whether it’s hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, or floods, natural disasters mean booming business  certain kinds of businesses in the affected areas, and especially for those businesses who can act quickly to deliver the products and services in strong demand immediately following the event.


Tree Service Companies are an example of those that do a booming business after a natural disaster. Tree limbs break off and fly into things; whole trees are blown over taking out power lines, roofs, automobiles, and more. All of it requiring cleanup, and every situation a strong opportunity for fast acting entrepreneurs to make money.


The home Improvement Industry also gets busy. Businesses such as hardware retailers, plumbing contractors, electrical contractors, building contractors, concrete contractors, and landscapers typically do a booming business in the wake of a natural disaster.


Homes may have broken windows, broken roofs, water damage, fire damage, wind damage and more. All of which are opportunities to provide products and services to potential customers badly in need of them.


Heavy equipment operators and rental companies usually experience a spike in business also. Equipment such as backhoes, excavators, and dozers are needed to move trees and other debris and then load it all onto trailers and trucks which are also in strong demand.


Years ago, in 1989, Hurricane Hugo came in at South Carolina and it laid down many thousands of large pine trees in a national forest there. Some of my relatives who were in the logging business quickly moved their logging equipment to South Carolina. With helicopters they airlifted the fallen timber out of the forest to where it could be transported to the mills and over a period of 3 months they made over $900,000.


Without a doubt natural disasters are trying situations for those affected, but they can also provide fast-acting entrepreneurs opportunities to make substantial amounts of money.


Basically, all that’s needed to do a booming business in these kinds of circumstances is to quickly position yourself to provide the needed products and services necessary to recover from the event.But remember this, products and services in a bad situation should always be provided with integrity, that is, with just as much focus on helping people as in your efforts toward making a living for yourself and your family.Don’t ever take excessive or unnecessary advantage of people and don’t ever take a profit except for a job well done.
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